Who Are We?


Niqab Co. is a brand of niqab (Arabic word for face-veil). Niqab is the common word in Latin languages used for describing face-veil of Muslim women. Co. is a abbreviation of the “company" word in English. In summary, Niqab Co. is a new and young brand focused on designing niqabs namely face-veils. The story of the company is as it follows; Niqab Co. was founded in Turkey by some sisters who wanted to produce good niqabs with intelligent designs in order to help niqab wearers. They were aware of that good quality niqabs were not much in the market and it was hard to find. So they designed new niqabs with some new differences. They knew that niqab was not an easy product since it needs to have much details like eye window smoothness, good stitches and the one of the most important detail was breathable fabrics. So after one year of research & production process the many, newly designed niqabs were in front of them. These niqabs had smooth and light inclines in the eye window parts in order to prevent niqabs to stick to the eyes. They were produced in three sizes, as Small, Medium , Large in order to respond all the demands of the customers who have different eye and face shapes. Perfectly sticthed back designs were also in their hands. Tie-Up Niqab was the classic design which was already in the market. Niqab Co. retouched it for a more proper design. Velcro was also already in the market but it had never have such a proper and good design. The Belt Niqab was new to market. It was a discovery of Niqab Co. by the grace of Allah. Many customers loved it and showed huge interest in it. Lightweight and breathable fabrics were so light, shiny and flowy that, they hoped good feedbacks from the future customers. And Alhamdulillah, Allah made it as they expected. Since its announcement, December 2013, Niqab Co. exported to more than 20 different countries. Mostly to America, Europe and Australia. MashaAllah, They received many lovely feedbacks from the customers and Niqab Co. hopes to bring new facilitations and designs to market as long as Allah wills.